Tuesday 17 July 2012

My Pi has Arrived!

My Pi is here!  Very exciting.  So looks like I did everything right with the SD card, as it all booted up without issues.  Pictures of my board are here.

My two initial observations were just how small the thing actually is (I know I knew it was the size of a credit card, but it still seems amazingly small when you actually have it in your hand) and the second was how strangely satisfying it is to have a machine which boots to a command prompt.  Though I must admit I did spend a few minutes staring at said command prompt wondering: now what?

A little bit of digging in the wiki found the startx command and I booted into the GUI in no time.  So in terms of the accessories that I had, they all worked with no problems at all, just plugged them in and I was away.  I think I need to change the local to recognise it is a US keyboard, but thankfully I still remember where all the keys are supposed to be so didn't bother changing it at this point.

I didn't have loads of time to play with it this evening, so had a quick go with scratch before calling it a night. Didn't seem to be able to get any sound going, so that is probably the next thing I need to look at.  And for some reason I couldn't work out how to clear the stage in scratch.  But anyway I will leave you with my very first scratch program output:


  1. I have just order the RaspberryPi and then I read your post about the RaspberryPi case.

    Given that your Pi has arrived, finally, did you order any case for your RaspberryPi? If so, can you tell me which one you chosen and if it is good or not?

    I will order the case as soon as I get the Pi too. I will really appreciate your advice.

    The Pi is really cheap for the great stuff it has and it would be a pity to spend more money to buy the case than the Pi :-)


  2. You know, I still haven't ordered one. I'm kinda feeling the same about the price of the case compared to the price of the Pi and so have been putting off buying one...

  3. My 11 year old daughter just got a Pi and started her own blog about everything she's learned so far. Some of it, she's learned from your blog. Thanks!

    Here's her URL: http://raspberrypikid.wordpress.com

    Mike and Krystal