Thursday 12 July 2012

My Pi has shipped!

Exciting news yesterday:  I got my confirmation e-mail from Newark saying my Raspberry Pi has been shipped and will be with me on Monday!  I'm eagerly watching the UPS tracking site and can see that having started its journey in South Carolina; it left Nashville Tennessee this morning on its continued travels west.

Time to take a look at what else I am going to need for when it arrives.  I'm thinking some new SD cards and a new keyboard and I should be good to go.  If I can get my order in with Amazon today it should all be here together on Monday.

So no excuses for my lack of posting here anymore. Although interestingly I have already been approached by two publishers asking if I am interested in contributing to Raspberry Pi books.  I'm not quite sure what they took from my first (rather brief) two posts that made them think I would be a suitable author...

1 comment:

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